Peter and Barbara

We wanted to build a garage and integral workshop at our house near St Projet.

We had seen some of the work done by Paul Riley, and also viewed the PMR Renovations website. His approach appeared promising, with an emphasis on quality of work, client communications, and cost control, so we contacted him to explain our needs.

Working together with Paul and the architect he introduced, we came up with a building design which met our requirements for simplicity and moderate cost, but which did not clash with other important buildings on the site.

The architect produced clear, detailed designs, and Paul steered these through the planning process smoothly on our behalf. Having agreed on the design, and received planning approval, we wanted the project completed in a tight timescale. Paul identified artisans with whom he had a good relationship, and for whose quality of work he could vouch.

The total projected cost came within the rough budget we had agreed at the outset, and Paul reassured us that the chosen team could complete the job in the required time. The outcome has been very pleasing: the job was done on time and within budget, and the quality of work was superb.

The key relationship, with Paul Riley, has been excellent – and enjoyable – throughout: we may have had occasional disagreements and arguments over