Drs John and Mary Tilley

To whom it may concern We are delighted to act as a point of reference for Paul whom we engaged as our project manager to oversee the renovations of our large farmhouse in SW France in 2004.

We had been lucky enough to meet Paul some years earlier, and had the benefit of viewing a number off finely renovated houses in the area in which he was the principle developer.

We were very impressed, particularly since much of the structural, engineering and hands-on work in these restorations had been done by Paul personally. Our plans were complex and extensive, but thankfully we were assisted at all stages – from initial ideas and conception to the final coat of paint – by Paul’s imaginative, knowledgeable and reliable contributions.

He has worked extremely hard on our behalf, and undoubtedly we could never have managed without him, living and working as we do in the UK. Knowing that he was always available, and invariably willing, gave us a great deal of comfort and security. Paul has masses of local knowledge and contacts, and he understands the technical French, and the peculiarities of French planning and building regulations.

He has good working relationships with the local artisans, and was able to get us competitive tenders, always ensuring he was on-site to make sure that they were correctly undertaken and finished. Because of his extensive experience, we felt confident enough to allow him freedom to make independent decisions when required; even so he always kept us fully informed by phone, email and camera of changes or problems when they arose.

He kept excellent records and time sheets, pursuing all the administrative matters very conscientiously, and his charges were very reasonable. We have no doubts as to Paul’s credibility, trustworthiness and abilities, and have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending him.