Medieval Bastide village house

Medieval Bastide village house

Medieval Bastide village house renovation, Puylaroque, Tarn-et-Garonne Bastide villages were fortified offering protection to the local paysans, artisans and merchants during the century’s of war, which engulfed France. I bought the house in a state of ruin having fallen in love with the stunning white limestone; the village of Puylaroque which is perched on an outcrop..

South West France

A lovely renovation in the heart of rolling lush countryside, a corps de ferme/farmhouse with barns and outhouses. The idea here was to create luxury living space in the old Pigeonier/pigeon ducat, old byre/grain store and also the four/bread oven where in past times the food/bread was prepared in the beautiful round brick and stone..


I was out on my bike one day and found Couyoula with no roof and two trees growing inside. Well, the finished house tells the story. The stone here is absolutely beautiful, pink, yellow and grey limestone, we found the same stratas while digging out the pool. What I love about this building is that..

Barn Conversion

This was a lovely project to work on as the old barn enjoyed an interesting shape rather than the usual long narrow structure. The stone used on the original barn is from a local quarry which is still in use. I feel very strongly that when renovating, a must is to use stone that matches..

Loft Conversion

My first! A long way from home, but a lovely challenge and what a beautiful part of France with the Pic de Midi facing the house!!!! The house is from the 1960’s not at all my usual palette, however, due to the flexibility and support of the clients we turned the house upside down, creating..