A very old and interesting assembly of structures. I retained some of the old oak colombage to give the stud walls more character, the stair/ladder in oak is very traditional, hanging between the beams but easily lowered, much more class than a Ramsey contraption!! Interior doors are from a 14th century design, no frames, gorgeous...


The usual, new roof, many times I prefer to install the prefabricated structural roof panels which are so effective against heat/cold/mice etc etc. Now a days we are reverting back to many of the worlds traditional forms of insulation, cork, hemp/chanvre/ wood pulp, wool & etc. Roofs are only as good as the carpenter/wooden frames and..

Albi Town House

This project in the city of Albi, known for the artist Toulouse-Lautrec and also for being the centre of the Cathars, has been quite fascinating. The main structure fronting a very narrow alley built around the 12th century was added to from behind, perhaps 160 years ago thus creating different interior levels. The red brick..