I was out on my bike one day and found Couyoula with no roof and two trees growing inside. Well, the finished house tells the story. The stone here is absolutely beautiful, pink, yellow and grey limestone, we found the same stratas while digging out the pool. What I love about this building is that..


A lovely house which is located on a very steep slope, again in local sandstone. I removed the old stone evier which then gave me the arched passage to the kitchen, the stairs are just stunning and comfortable. We have three wet rooms/douche Italiene, I love this concept as one enjoys more usable space, I..

Barn Conversion

This was a lovely project to work on as the old barn enjoyed an interesting shape rather than the usual long narrow structure. The stone used on the original barn is from a local quarry which is still in use. I feel very strongly that when renovating, a must is to use stone that matches..


Looking at these buildings one could be forgiven thinking both are the same, however, the structure on the right is the old farmhouse with the barn on the left, a previous owner had created a summer kitchen in the entrance. Lovely local sandstone with a stunning garden, the pool positioned within 18m of the house..


A major project for the grey cells! This house was protected by the Batiment de France, however, after a great deal of patience the plans were passed. The site was filled in with the ruins of the previous 300 years and all positioned on a steep slope. This project evolved, controlled by the plan, not..

Loft Conversion

My first! A long way from home, but a lovely challenge and what a beautiful part of France with the Pic de Midi facing the house!!!! The house is from the 1960’s not at all my usual palette, however, due to the flexibility and support of the clients we turned the house upside down, creating..

Mas de Pierrou

Here we have the smallish original farm house with the long stone barns renovated and giving large open public rooms. Height and forms of ceilings can present such an effect and change the whole aspect and quality of life. The old evier was removed to create a doorway and then built into the side of..


A renovation that I was asked to take on after a prolonged period of miss-management by an architect and his chosen team. I don’t enjoy all the hassle that a situation like this brings, however, at the completion I was a happy man. I learned a great deal from the excellent taste and knowledge of..


Here we have an old traditional farm steading with very interestingly shaped structures most of which were built/added to it at various periods and a view to die for. Lovely red sandstone hewn from a local quarry during the centuries all carried up by mule, oxen and human backs. A renovation costs the same regardless..


Two houses for the family in a wonderful location south of Narbonne, set in the vineyards of  the SW France. After staying with me for a few days, together we designed their future homes. The houses are slightly curved, totally open plan upstairs with the kitchen on the east side, salon facing west for the..