Medieval Bastide village house

Medieval Bastide village house

Medieval Bastide village house renovation, Puylaroque, Tarn-et-Garonne Bastide villages were fortified offering protection to the local paysans, artisans and merchants during the century’s of war, which engulfed France. I bought the house in a state of ruin having fallen in love with the stunning white limestone; the village of Puylaroque which is perched on an outcrop..

South West France

A lovely renovation in the heart of rolling lush countryside, a corps de ferme/farmhouse with barns and outhouses. The idea here was to create luxury living space in the old Pigeonier/pigeon ducat, old byre/grain store and also the four/bread oven where in past times the food/bread was prepared in the beautiful round brick and stone..

Aveyron Barns

We see here a classic Grange/barn in the Averon built mainly in granite, infact there are two barns, 19m x 8m with two levels giving the most luxurious sense of space. four bedrooms/bathrooms, downstairs entrance hall with stairs leading to the family, kitchen, salon. From the landing there is access to an enormous terrasse half..

Albi River House

Well here the situation was love at first site, a house 6-700 years old and part of the fortification walls, in fact, a toll house where tax was levied on strangers entering the city. The red Roman brick building is between the two bridges the Pont -Vieux 12 century as seen in a photo. The..

Extension Windmill

Probably you will notice from other photos I have already been involved here, so it was with great pleasure that I was asked to be involved again, the talking phase covered 4 years, however, I still feel young ! The start of any chantier is the mess, digging the foundations, clearing the ground, bringing on site..

Old stone barn

I was presented with the plans already drawn up for this project. The challenge here was that the structure though reasonably long was narrow with not much height and because of the ground level would be on two levels with the two bedrooms following suit. After reflection and to conserve usable space we decided to..

Windmill Project

This little project is a delight even though it is not quite finished. The client had asked for a large garage and workshop to be built to be in keeping with his house, completed but not shown here. The second request was to renovate an old structure beside a most stunning windmill which had been..

Tarn et Garonne

This project has been a great joy but also a huge challenge. The buildings, grange, house and the ancient foure, (bread oven) were acquired with the intention of increasing the living space of the principle house.We then found that in fact very recently the Batiments de France along with the Marie had imposed a protection..

Puy L’Eveque

The house situated close to the banks of the river Lot did not immediately pose any major problems except for gaining the permis de construire, the problem being it is in a flood basin area. The demands of the planning department were then followed. The clients wished to utilise the space upstairs for four spacious..

Combe Mousse

This example shows how complicated restorations can become and the amount of thought & detail necessary. Although more complicated than most, it does show a pretty full range of the skills I bring to bear on a project. Combe Mousse was bought as a project for future holiday leasing, but also to be designed as..