Peter and Barbara

We wanted to build a garage and integral workshop at our house near St Projet. We had seen some of the work done by Paul Riley, and also viewed the PMR Renovations website. His approach appeared promising, with an emphasis on quality of work, client communications, and cost control, so we contacted him to explain..

Drs John and Mary Tilley

To whom it may concern We are delighted to act as a point of reference for Paul whom we engaged as our project manager to oversee the renovations of our large farmhouse in SW France in 2004. We had been lucky enough to meet Paul some years earlier, and had the benefit of viewing a..

Stephan Chambers, Oxford

Buying and renovating a house in another country is a huge commitment and one that draws on all one’s resources (of cash, of ambition, of courage, of inventiveness). It can’t, in my experience, be done without expert local help. Paul Riley is without doubt the reason our house purchase and renovation went so smoothly. From..

HJG, Oxford

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Riley since 2001. During that time he has successfully completed some complicated work in a sensitive environment in our family house near Caylus. I have been uniformly impressed by the range of technical skills he has deployed as well as by his detailed understanding of the..

Michael-John Llewellyn-White

“After a succession of builders had looked at my project and declined the work due to the limited access and steepness of the site I was recommended to Paul Riley who I was informed would find a solution to anything. Working with Paul has been an absolute pleasure. The artisans that were chosen for the..

Karin Jacobson

Paul Riley – took over the contract to complete the management of the refurbishment of the mill in Lacapelle Livron, Caylus- days after I parted company with the architect overseeing the works. Therefore the start up was a complicated beginning. To his credit from day one, Paul took the reins and made the impossible happen..