Windmill Project

This little project is a delight even though it is not quite finished. The client had asked for a large garage and workshop to be built to be in keeping with his house, completed but not shown here.

The second request was to renovate an old structure beside a most stunning windmill which had been previously renovated. The little (abri) we believe had been used to house the mules which were used to turn the sails towards the wind. The owner managed after a great deal of research to find an old photo which depicted how the structure had been; as with so many buildings it had been added to hence presenting rather an interesting roof line.

In this local area, traditionally the walls were built dry, no mortar at all, (no rising damp!) we rebuilt the walls as per photo using local stone, after a few years the newly built and existing should merge in. The interior will be cleaned of rubble and a rough pebble base spread.

This structure is in effect a gift to the community and their heritage so that for a long time to come generations can see how their forefathers worked.

I am very happy to have been involved.