Old stone barn

I was presented with the plans already drawn up for this project. The challenge here was that the structure though reasonably long was narrow with not much height and because of the ground level would be on two levels with the two bedrooms following suit.

After reflection and to conserve usable space we decided to build a structure more or in the centre to one side, the ground level would house the switch board, heating boiler, washing machine + storage. Above this the structure would house the bathroom which would be on a different level from both bedrooms, access by stairs from kitchen area.

The beauty of this design was that full use was made of both main level, giving a spacious kitchen and lounge, all open plan.

The roof had to be changed out so I moved the A frames to create the spaces required and to increase the head height. The roof was formed with the insulated structural panels with plaster board on the inside, again giving more head height.

One difficulty was to link these three rooms together giving easy access to the bathroom. To avoid steps and to give the impression of flow a walk way/minstrels gallery was constructed in reclaimed oak incorporating an old manger, roof beams and wine barrel planks.

The client wished to have the new oak floors aged to blend in with the existing beams, this we created with the burning effect of lime.

The ground floor benefits from under-floor heating (the best) finished in a natural lime stone, the old entrance was closed using a heavy old oak structure with SP10 glass enabling us to comply with the insurance specs but giving adequate natural light to the salon.

All in all quite a difficult project but very satisfying for all who took part.