French Barn Event Centre

French barn renovation to an event centre

This barn project, dance /event centre was first spoken of in 2015 when the Corps de Ferme was in the process of being designed and restored presenting a wonderful holiday/workout/marriage complex in the heart of SW France.

Along with the magnificent pool, gardens, luxurious bathrooms and public rooms but still retaining the charm of this traditional old farm steading built in local limestone.

The barn or open hanger was of course used primarily for storing farm machines and hay; two sides were in concrete block and one gable in planks.

The idea was to use Larch planks for the exterior and North Pine/Pin du Nord for the interior thus giving a lighter appearance.

Larch or Meleze in French is used throughout Europe as an exterior material due to its high density/slow growth and natural oils which permits the facades to be left without treating, this saves a fortune but also means that the wood ages according to the weathering without risk and gives that authentic patina.

The foundations were poured, the roof replaced using reclaimed tiles and zinc gutters, certain beams/charpente were replaced or modified to accept the weight of the future internal structure.

The event studio, 16m x 9m with a mirror down the length of the north wall where 4 large opening windows were fabricated and installed. The south side with open views to the countryside through the huge barn door and due to the mirror reflexion presents a wonderful panoramic sensation of space inside this enormous barn.

The studio includes two shower rooms, clad in living Limestone with the shaped Douche Italian bases, copper shower and basin robinets/sanitaire fittings; two WC’s clad in the same Pine boards and a little recess to allow two more hand basins. The floor here is clad in natural stone.

The North exterior traditional oak door locally called, (Quercy) specially built along with the interior oak doors, one sliding, creates/retains the desired rustic farm image of the structure.

There is also the mezzanine, which will be used as a games area but offering a wonderful view of the studio with its amazing oak floor.

The access stair in oak along with everything else built by local French Artisans is unique, treated with Ammonia to give the desired aged appearance, the wood here along with all the different products was carefully chosen entailing many trips to the various ateliers/workshops.

The two round windows ( idea presented by the client) placed in each gable end creates a wonderful shaft of light and just gives that fabulously unique stamp to the whole project.

We have installed the maximum insulation in the walls and the ceilings, and with the designed clima/heating at ground level the barn can be comfortably used by thirty or more persons.

The wonderful array of lights? need I say anymore, we have spots in the beams/charpente and hanging guirlande/string lights all offering dimmer controls.

A fabulous project to work on, thank you.