Extension Windmill

Probably you will notice from other photos I have already been involved here, so it was with great pleasure that I was asked to be involved again, the talking phase covered 4 years, however, I still feel young !

The start of any chantier is the mess, digging the foundations, clearing the ground, bringing on site the materials.
Here you see the stone for the windows and doors already dressed by the macon and the walls just starting to grow. In France we have stone macons who will create the dressed stone for fireplaces, pillars and in effect all articles in stone, the choice of stone of course is crucial ; the macons are the artisans who build.

Structure starting to grow, always very exciting, naturally the positioning of doors and windows is important for the flow, view but also for the facades, at this stage one can modify.

Various stages have passed prior to the scene shown here, one can see the stone (jambage) sills and lintels and also the steps being placed thus creating the staircase. It is actually cheaper to use blocks of stone rather than shuttering, the result is far superior.

An exciting demand from the client was to find and install concertina/folding doors, interior as well as exterior. I was unable to find a manufacturer here in France due to the width, 5mtr, however, the doors were produced in Germany and installed by a French team. The glass partition seen here is produced without any frames thus creating a totally clear division between bedroom and salon while the exterior concertina has a frame in oak and allu and using SP10 glass. The flloor seen here is the chape, a special cement mix to enrobe the underfloor heating, this is then sanded and finally the stone is laid.

The bulldog is Foxy, the chief of all my projects !! Here you see the weatherproofing (étanchéité) of the terrasse, the base of the windmill and the artisans fitting the handrails. We then installed a small hoist, manual, which makes bringing up the cases of champagne an enjoyable task. The gate seen here is for the passage of the hoist basket.

The charpente in oak, I love the contre fiches curved, gives much more to the structure rather than straight struts.

Almost finished, observe here the two different types of concertina doors, which creates such an entirely different sense of space. Sliding doors in the same situation would always have a fixed or closed section. The stone is limestone, used also in the bathrooms.

I love long windows, they give such a magical light, the stove is from Hase again German, beautifully engineered.

Well, almost completed, champagne hoist in full view. Looking slightly new but the lime render will soften with the coming winter, landscaping to follow. Thank you, I have learnt of new products and have enjoyed this chantier and what a view. Jealous !