A major project for the grey cells! This house was protected by the Batiment de France, however, after a great deal of patience the plans were passed. The site was filled in with the ruins of the previous 300 years and all positioned on a steep slope.

This project evolved, controlled by the plan, not knowing at all what we would find; marrying in the new tower type structure to the existing house called for re-inforcements as did the actual footprint of the new build due to the slope. Two terraces were created, the upper protected by the existing gable wall thus creating a beautiful and private courtyard. Marriage of stone steps (grey stone from the Dordogne) and steel handrails present a pleasing combination. First splash pool that I have installed, one can design a small town/village pool with a jet pump which one can swim against, glued to the spot!

Inside the house, under-floor heating, stone stairs and limestone flooring, lots of light, a very interesting project with delightful clients.