Albi River House

Well here the situation was love at first site, a house 6-700 years old and part of the fortification walls, in fact, a toll house where tax was levied on strangers entering the city. The red Roman brick building is between the two bridges the Pont -Vieux 12 century as seen in a photo.
The house was in a deplorable state ditto for the garden and all facade walls including the road wall.
First stage as always, rip out.

Innumerable skips were filled and carted away, the old stud walls were built with sun dried terra cota bricks, very heavy, in some cases I found three stud walls built in front of the previous, no treasure though!

Access of course was a problem, but we were fortunate that we could park the cement trucks beside the Tarn and pump up the concrete, the mairie proved very obliging. Here you see Le Pont -Neuf built around 1861.

The roof was tired and many of the Provence tiles were past their sell by date. Most of the main beams were fine though, as always I used reclaimed tiles laid on new, photo includes Le Pont -Vieux built in the 12 century.

The garden as seen from the roof, this infact until around 1820 was the site of a house, all part of the city defence, when digging out the splash pool we found old brick walls. Albi actually is seemed with underground passages, again no gold!

showing the same garden 18 months later, the soil had been carted in after the house was demolished, I can’t find any report on the history of this building.

Another view of the garden, we laid a protective tissue and then barrowed in 21 tons of gravel, however, no weeds, wonderful.

Showing the upstairs bedroom, dressing and large bathroom, the original beams we painted so as to present a lighter aspect.

Kitchen/salon, I decided to create two doorways between the kitchen and the salon in order to respect the tastes of the clients, TV and or reading in the salon. Old roman brick seen here again along with lime render/chaux, under floor heating.

The salon, different views from each window, the Tarn below, Albi Cathedral ( Patriome Mondial UNESCO) from another.

Another view.

The ground floor, under floor heating with Limestone dalles/flagstones, I retained the original charpente creating two open spaces/bedrooms plus a shower-room. We found an old well, which I opened up and covered with glass with a light of course, all told, this chantier was great fun especially at the end, should be good for another 600 years??