So how is a renovation organized?

Paul Riley is a professional renovator who works primarily in the South West of France. His process is ‘Keep it simple, stupid’. Planning is easy, but he doesn’t just plan, he listens to customers needs and delivers unquestionable results.

The first step

The first step is to meet each other! A house renovation or new build can be a lengthy process, so establishing understanding and trust is essential. We often find that clients start with a clear global idea of their project, but are less sure about specific details.

See our previous results

The best way round this issue is to take you to see as many of our completed projects as you wish; this will give you a good idea of all the potential opportunities a structure can offer and how they can be achieved.

Its good to talk through ideas

This consultation period will help us become fully aware of your requirements and preferences. We will then generate ideas for the renovation and the materials to be used -this includes budget requirements, design and type of swimming pool, as well as landscaping.

A price range

Next stage – if required once the ideas have been approached and discussed- is to prepare an initial estimation of the renovation costs (either before or after you have bought the house). This is based on prices obtained from previous projects and you will find it a very exact guidance.

Official plans can be drawn up

With the project now clearly defined, an architect –if required- will draw up the agreed plans. We will then secure any required building permits while preparing detailed estimates and work specifications. With your approval, we will then negotiate with, appoint and supervise licensed and insured local contractors for the building works.

Constant Communication

Once the work has started, PMRrenovations will monitor progress on a daily basis, making on-site decisions consistent with the overall specifications and using our own best professional judgement. Throughout, we will keep you regularly informed on the progress and refer any major decisions involving changes to previous agreements or existing specifications to your review and approval.

What is Our Process?

1. Collect Ideas

Our first meeting of course is crucial to both parties, I am there to present myself, listen to your ideas and dreams, view the property and present ideas and materials. Then it is for you to decide once I have left whether you feel confident to work alongside me.

2. Data Analysis

Yes, you wish to move forward, this is when I come back, measure, listen, propose methods, consider the flow of the house, heating, pool situation, in effect, all the thousand and one decisions required to bring a successful renovation to a happy and exciting conclusion.

3. Magic Touch

I find I gain ideas while I drive, walk and sleep, also when I look at all the photos which I have taken of your home. I then pull everthing together. After discussing with you I prepare the dossier/specifications for all the different (insured, registered) artisans/trades. The dossiers will be as exact as possible, down to the door ,handles paint colour, type of render or pointing, importantly also, which quarry the stone for any new openings will come from. France is rich in many local carriers/quarry which are still functioning. These dossiers are then sent out to chosen artisans who prepare their devis/quotes from the information given to them, this task also includes site visits and conversations until all parties are happy with what is expected of them.

4. Finalize Product

During this period, I will have meetings with an architect who will draw up the plans according to my/our ideas and submit for planning consent, this usually takes two months. After I have received, compared and studied the devis I prepare a report for yourselves. When you the client are happy we arrange the time plan schedule and start. From then on, it is work until your dreams become reality, flowers on the table and a bottle of champagne in the fridge!