Our Fees

Not all projects are the same…

Due to the nature of the projects, their complexity and individual characteristics, we are only able to give a general guide to our fees. In all cases we will give you a very precise estimate prior to commencing any work.

Building and material specifications – designing the renovation / construction, preparing trade specifications, visiting the site with the tradesmen to answer any questions concerning their costs estimates, checking quotes and presenting them to you with our recommendations (we only use licensed, qualified and insured personnel with a proven track record). Fees are based on our hourly rate (at present 50€ per hour) and basically depend on the size of the project and the number of visits to the site.

Project Management – regularly visiting the renovation / construction, monitoring progress, making on-site decisions and keeping you fully informed of all developments (see “our services” for a complete description). Fees are 12-13% of the total cost of the renovation before VAT.

Consulting – if you wish to employ PMR Renovations’ purely for advice, you will be charged on the same rate as for above; 50€ per hour.

Finally, if you wish to employ us to find a house suitable to your requirements, assist in securing the best price and also to arrange for the signing – or to sign on your behalf with the notary – we would charge between 2-4% of the total purchase price.

We always expect that, by employing us, you will save well in excess of our charges (we are happy to refer you to any of our previous clients to confirm this statement). This is because of the savings that we would procure for you in the choice of the tradesmen, the knowledge of where to find the materials required for your renovation and, perhaps above all, in ensuring that the work is finished on time, as planned and to budget.