Paul Riley - An English speaking French Renovator based in South West FrancePlease feel free to contact me any time on my mobile or e-mail and I will be happy to meet you and discuss your project. Every new project excites me and there is no job too big or too small. Please contact me here.

A simple statement, but this really is a heartfelt goal. I have seen too many renovations and new constructions turn into nightmares for their owners. That’s why, having been a partner in a large scale and very successful investment project for multiple restorations here in Tarn & Garonne, I decided to create PMRrenovations and offer my services more widely.

My name is Paul Martin Riley and I have lived and worked in this part of South West France since 1989. I offer a complete range of services for finding, buying, designing, renovating and building houses in this area. Now – since the beginning of 2009 I offer cost effectiveness and experience to take your house project to fruition.

The rest of our website will detail services, fees and give you an idea of what project managing involves. So that you can gain an impression of what can be accomplished, you will see examples of some of our projects, numerous pictures of the work, a description of some of the French rules and regulations (that can so easily cause headaches!) as well as feedback from previous – and I’m delighted to say – very satisfied clients.

Our History

I have now been involved as Project Manager/ Maître D’Oeuvre in renovations, new-builds, lofts and extensions here in the south West France since 2002.

I have built exciting but easy to live in houses from South of Narbonne west to Lourdes, the great beauty of France is the diversification in architectural designs and local materials and styles. From the Provence canal tiles to the Lot region flat tile (to suit steeper roofs) and of course the Ardoises found more in the Averyon and central France.

Then comes all the fabulous tones and character of the different stone, think of the Bordeaux creamy stone, Toulouse, Albi roman brick, the limestone of the Lot, granite of the Averyon and the various hues of sandstone, these along with window shapes, door designs create the wonderful soul of France, the diversity is just enormous.

So when I visit a new client and look at their building one of my first thoughts is, how do I retain or build on the character of the house, when the project is finished it must look as if the house has always been like that.

So what has changed in 15 years, location is of the utmost importance and that will never change, building materials have evolved, often bringing back into use previously respected methods, hemp/chanvre, cork all good insulations and eco friendly, structural glass, zinc kitchen tops or steel, the materials and the artists are still here in France.

Reclaimed materials, ancient oak beams, old tiles and slate have colour hues that new can’t match. A marriage of old and new, practicality, versatility and flow, a house must be easy to live in, the sun is crucial, we require sunlight for our own well being, this is all part of designing a house or renovation.

For the long term a lift/ascenseur is worth considering or a ground floor bedroom.

Swimming pools/piscines, to be close, thus part of the house or more secluded, bringing the garden effectively into the house with a terasse, creating a courtyard, barbeque area, prevailing wind/rain, protection and privacy along with security.

The principle of renovating is to create the life style that suits you, the house must have a soul, and probably the kitchen the heart of the house but not with the cooks back turned to the fun.

Heating/clima, reversible heat exchangers, air to water, geo thermique/ground pump, town gas or electricity all options should be considered but at times by what EDF can provide. Under floor heating regardless by what means is by far the most comfortable and economic manner to heat, however, it is always comforting and romantic to have a real fire or woodstove/poele.

Please look at some of my previous projects, you will find ideas, I am here to listen and along with you create your dream.